Tuesday, June 26, 2012

that eerie feeling..

That eerie feeling..
Of waking up before the dawn,
Without having slept all night.
Of the sound of a distant horn of a train.
Of a song playing somewhere far away.
A Song that I don't recognize,
A song that I can't really hear.

Of lying on bed,
And knowing that I won't go to sleep again.
Of all the misgiven thoughts,
That come rushing in,
As if a gate has been opened.

Of summer and humidity,
And anticipation of first monsoon showers.
And knowing that winters aren't that great either.
Of nostalgia gripping,
Taking me back to a time
I don't really remember.

That eerie feeling,
Of an unknown melancholy.
A melancholy I want to savor,
A melancholy I want to wallow in.

Of sipping tea,
When its still dark outside.
Of sudden realization,
That ways of the world are perfect,
And it would not work any other way.

Of remembering all the houses I've lived in.
A slideshow of images,
Colorful and black&white and blurred.

Of knowing that it won't be dark for long,
And this feeling would eventually go away.
An unexplained sadness at this loss..


  1. u go deep n then return back to d surface so effortlessly ..
    so much of unseen n unknown matter out ther that calls out to us.. but we're just lost in our busy mundane world..

  2. Feelings that fill the mind during those wee hours..
    Beautifully written:)

  3. Very beautifully written. Most of us can connect with some line or the other. I loovvved it!

  4. So Beautiful...and peaceful...I was going under and peeping out of the windows of my imagination, at the same time...lovely. :D :D

  5. I understand, it is alarmingly peaceful. Moments worth holding on, but have an ominous presence if remembered for long.
    Before dawn, and after sunset.

    Nice read,

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. It's so beautiful.
    Thanks for the presentation.

  7. Evening came, night fell…and darkness…
    And when the light creaked in the east, there is hope all over..