Thursday, May 3, 2012


Rested in a deep dark nook,
Of the immortal ocean.
Retired. Relinquished.
Devoid of any emotion.

Wooden hopes,
Already given in to decay.
Iron memories,
Slowly being eaten away.

Life and essence gone,
A dead world inside is preserved.
Doomed till eternity,
For unknown sins to be served.

Some seek after me,
It's more of curiosity
Less of sympathy.

Is what remains of me.


  1. Awwwww This is just soo beautiful :)

  2. its like led zeppelin, at first it seemed only words, "devoid of any emotion" but after second and third and many more reads, its AWESOME........

  3. It is indeed curiosity that makes us probe into things of past, and to dig up past.

    Nice thought.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. Actually, I feel intrigued by these lines..

    Some seek after me,
    It's more of curiosity
    Less of sympathy.

    Does it mean that you like it this way or it is a subtle observation which you wanted to mention here. I ask this (and you can choose not to answer) because somehow I think these lines are incomplete and something unsaid has been intentionally not written...may be...

    I could get the meaning of the rest of the sentences..but felt that the meaning of the above sentences is a little obscured...

    Rest is all great... :-)

  5. A lovely poem except that the end is intriguing:)

  6. Intense...Simple lyrical lines saying so much...:)

  7. 'for unknown sins to be served' nice...
    good one!