Thursday, April 19, 2012

water under the bridge

Quiet waves make the perfect background.
Breeze plays the exquisite musician.
As my reflection reflects in melancholy,
On what has changed it beyond recognition.
It's the moments like these when time suddenly slows,
And the water under the bridge, gently flows.

Inhaling the intoxicating air,
I yearn for you to hold my hand.
And stand there mesmerized,
By the shimmering river and sparkling sand.
I'll tell you the stories of my highs and lows,
As the water under the bridge, gently flows.

Hush now!
Listen to the silence of the sounds.
Keep looking in my eyes,
While I show you my deepest wounds.
They scream the secrets that no one knows
As, the water under the bridge, gently flows.


  1. wow commendable ...and kudos to the courage depcited to open up infront of someone :) :)

  2. you are just amazing...........!!!!

  3. Heartfelt and effusion-filled it is, Neha. I painted a picture through your words. :)

    1. Thanks Rachit. Happy you could visualize.. :)

  4. Is it just me, or is there a fair amount of double meaning being thrown in here, with the title and all ?
    Irrespective of that, this was exquisite. The verse structure and rhyming, kind of reminded me of "While my guitar gently weeps" along with "Under the bridge" !!

    1. Double meaning?! I didn't get you. The regular symbolic meaning of 'water under the bridge' is intended here. :)
      And.. ohh I love the song 'While my guitar gently weeps' =)

  5. The words just flowed.. I loved it :) Beautifully written.

  6. wow...i could totally picture the scene as i read. Nice:)