Wednesday, August 29, 2012

it rained stars last night

The colorful sky;
The color of moon and the color of night.
The color of shredded clouds almost turned white.
They seem hurried; rushing to reach somewhere soon,
Turning stormy pink, as they sail over the moon.

Wish they reach you, and catch your sight.
They'd be lucky to witness, all that is bright.
As for me, I'd dream of you through the twilight.
And tell everyone in the morning, 'it rained stars last night'.

Image: The Starry night- Vincent van Gogh


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  2. I've always loved this painting

  3. Just beautiful. Much as the painting.

  4. Waow... this is such a beautiful line: It rained stars last night. Genius!

  5. The beauty in raining in stars ^_^
    This poem somehow seemed very magical.

    Oh and, say hello to a new follower at Shades of Purple and Blue.
    I like your blog's title, by the way.

  6. I have visited your blog site for the first time and would love to state i have never witnessed a splendid writer like you. Keep the creativity up!!