Friday, September 19, 2008


Good to realize that I love you,
‘Coz that’s the way to know that I still feel.
Good to realize that I miss you,
To know, I still have desires, with which I got to deal.

Good to realize that I can travel miles at a stretch,
Just for that simple kiss on my forehead.
Good to feel myself long for your touch,
Craving for curling-up with you on a couch.

Good to realize that I can tell you things that I never could, to the masses,
Now at least in front of you, I don’t have to wear sunglasses.
It’s only you, who can so easily make me smile,
You must be the reason I’m alive.


  1. wow.. u have written this?? this is pretty neat work..

  2. Hey thanks..n yes, i've written this.. :)

  3. its really nice.......

    isi poem par kuch lines yaad aa gayi hain....which i would like to share

    uske ehsaas ki parchhaiyan thi, jo meri tanhaaiyan thi...........

    Uske ashqon mein tha shamil mein hi.......

    par usse milna kyon jaise rooswaiyan thi...........