Friday, August 29, 2008

i wish..

I just wish it were not my story,
‘Coz it’s too far from any kind of glory.

Everything out there is so dark and bleak,
And no one is there for me to speak.

Each n every moment cuts like a knife,
Oh, how I wish, I had an ordinary life!

And every time towards the happiness I make my way
The pursuit seems never-ending, destination faraway.

I was afraid of making such a distant leap,
So I closed my eyes, n fell asleep.

It took a moment n my whole life is changed,
‘Coz there’s nothing left that you’ve not rearranged.

But there’s still left a big confusion,
Everything is so good that it seems to be an illusion.

So clutch me in your arms, and hold me tight,
Until the morning comes to this damn cold night.


  1. [rap] everybody jst listen ,
    get ur hands up , for neha's poem
    get ur hands up , for neha's poem
    u see this poem, has lot to tell,
    in so less words, that r hard to spell,
    her new creation , is so close to my life,
    that everytime i read it, i feel alive,
    she has poured her feelings, and we must respect,
    so jst giv a comment, and make sure its best...


  2. LOVED THE ENDING bu tell me one thing why all your poetries and words are on a darker and sad part :(