Thursday, January 12, 2012

Reality Dawns..

I will move on,
Trust me I’m trying my best
Making every possible effort,
Not to give in to my heart’s behest.

Feels like a dream in its most distorted form,
As I look around for some thing to hold on.
Whatever I see, wherever I go
Every place and everything,
Can be traced back to you.

I shake myself from the slumber
And get busy putting up defenses
Every instinct tells me to run to you,
But I won’t, as long as I’m in my senses.


  1. तुम्हारी पोस्ट dictionary की मदद से समझ आती है नेहा- वैसे शानदार पंक्ति है यह

    "every instinct tells me to run to you
    but I won"t as long as i am in my senses"

    इससे मुझे तुम्हारी वो "personal hell" वाली लाईने याद आ गयी! चीजों का "microscopic analysis" है!

  2. @ Ramesh- Thank you :)

    @Tarang- Thanks for stopping by. Glad you liked it.. :)

  3. luvd the picture used! bless you Neha. take care of yourself.