Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Castles of Dreams

It might seem a bit surreal,
But get acquainted with the fact that is quite real,
The things which are the most enticing bait
Vehemently make you indefinitely wait.

It seems that life is playing some kind of filthy lark,
Sheds so much light in the eyes, that everything you see is dark.
Sometimes it seems that happiness is at the distance of a hand,
Only to realize afterwards, that it is a mirage in the desert sand.

Happiness is nothing but a ready-to-burst bubble,
Castles of dreams, however beautiful, are essentially rubble.


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  2. Well, i must say, ur discovering yourself lady... first photography now poems ...whoa!! You are really awesome. Now we know what u were hiding! .. great work ... Stay in the wonderland and keep posting your work ...

  3. Perfect life is an absent phenomena...Realities are bitter n harsh... In this life of fast pace and rat race, the one place where u can find solitude is in ur dreams!!

  4. Way beyond my understanding..

  5. The "metaphysics" of life... The innocent truth of life has been mentioned, which we can never see with eyes wide open...
    Great work Alice... Hope u never come out of ur dreamland :)

  6. the poem in the eternal pursuit of happyness was really good...coz i could relate to it, my life with it....the cstles n dreams i didnt really understand..... but that means that it was nice... god wrk keep it up... i didnt know u had a hidden talent....well its not hidden now.....

  7. wooooo u can surely write :) :)